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The main purpose of the Acta Drupal 7 version is port design of 'Acta Drupal 5' theme into Drupal 7. Just install and follow the step-by-step guide and your simple but still good looking clean website is running within the hour.

Acta is a two column fixed design (optimized for width 960px).

News in 7.x

  • Implement new adavnce cutting edge technology of HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Less use of images in theme design. So it's become more light weight and excute fast then Drupal 5 version.
  • New design for RSS tag.

Quick step-by-step

Setting up a Drupal site involves many steps. This is some of the steps I usually go through when setting up a Drupal site with Acta Theme:

  1. Install Drupal 7.x
  2. Install Acta Theme (Put acta-folder in: sites/all/themes)
  3. Enable and make Acta default (admin/appearance)
  4. Edit theme settings (admin/appearance/settings/acta) - Add mission, slogan, etc.
  5. Edit site information (admin/config/system/site-information)
  6. Add Home to Main menu (admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu/add)

If you want user pictures or signatures:

  1. Enable user pictures and/or signatures (admin/config/people/accounts)
  2. For Default picture use: /sites/all/themes/acta/images/no-pic.png
  3. Make user pictures in posts and/or user pictures in comments are enabled in theme settings (admin/appearance/settings/acta)

If you want a search engine on your site:

  1. Activate search module (admin/modules) or install the Search By Page module ( which is a bit more sophisticated
  2. Edit search settings (admin/config/search/settings)
  3. Set permissions for search module (admin/people/permissions)
  4. Run cron to index search and active cron at your host or install the modele Poor mans cron if you host dosn't support cron

Tips & tricks

If you install a WYSIWYG editor like CK Editor. Don't forget to edit the settings for comment text format at (admin/structure/types/manage/article/comment/fields/comment_body)

Author's Information

Drupal 7 version of Acta is designed and developed by Shivcharan Patil of for 'TheLion'.

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